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As part of UE’s mission to demonstrate that colleges and universities have an opportunity to serve as models of environmental stewardship from the classroom to dining facilities to buildings and grounds, the University has been decreasing the environmental impacts of their own activities at their cafeteria.

Local,safe, healthier food options

To promote healthy eating, more sustainable choices, and a superior learning environment, UE makes locally grown fruits and vegetables accessible to their students. The University also provides other sustainable and healthier food options.

  • Cage-free shell eggs
  • rBGH (genetically engineered hormone) Free Milk
  • Trans Fat Free Oils
  • Reduced antibiotic poultry
  • Seafood on the Monterey Bay Seafood safe list
  • Fair Trade Coffee options


Recent research has shown that using a tray to carry plates tends to encourage a student to get more food than necessary, leading to food waste. In addition, trays need to be washed after used. By removing the trays, UE has attempted to create less food waste and save water for washing trays.

Green To-Go Carryout Program

Together, food and packaging/containers account for almost 45% of the materials landfilled in the United States, and some of these discarded materials are food-related packaging and containers.  To reduce food packaging reaching landfills, UE implemented Green To-Go Carryout Program. Through this program, students get a free Tupperware-style container they can use, return dirty and trade in for a clean one.

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