How much money can the residents of the townhomes save on energy? – University of Evansville

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Math Skill: Percent of a number

Grade level: 5th grades

Purpose: Understand local energy saving efforts and develop awareness of energy conservation

Student Housing Townhouse of the University of Evansville are environmentally-friendly buildings.  Those townhouses were designed to improve energy efficiency, and each townhouse uses 30% less energy than that of the average house.  Residents of Indiana pay $110 a month for energy on average. How much money can the residents of the townhouse save on energy if they use the average amount of energy in Indiana?

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University of Evansville Student Housing Townhomes

Answer Key

$33  (110 x 0.3 = 33 )



U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2016. Average Monthly Bill- Residential

University of Evansville, 2014. UE New Student Townhouses Receive LEED Silver Certification

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