Last updated: July 23, 2020

Math Skill: Place valueRounding

Science Subject: Our Energy Resources

Grade level:  45th grades

Environmental Area: Energy

Area level: National-scale

Purpose: Understand energy use in the top 10 largest per capita energy consuming states including Indiana and develop awareness of energy consumption




Indiana ranked eleventh for per capita energy consumption in the United States in 2017. On average, a person in Indiana consumes more than twice as much energy as a person in New York. In Indiana, about 50% of electricity comes from burning coal (U.S. EIA), therefore, the high energy consumption resulted in a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, and climate change.


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Energy use of thetop 11 per capita energy consuming states, 2017
(Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)


1) Energy in Indiana 2) Our energy sources 3) Who supplies energy to Evansville?


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The purpose of this activity is to enhance students’ skills in numbers and operations that include place value, and rounding. This activity uses the information on energy use of the top 11 per capita energy consuming states in 2017.  Data was obtained from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


worksheet & answer key

Math Skill: Place valueRounding

Using the table that shows the amount of energy use in the 11 largest per capita energy consuming states in 2017, students are asked to complete questions related to number and operations, including finding place values and rounding 3- digit numbers.



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