Phenol Unit Heat Exchanger Energy Recovery Project


SABIC, Mount Vernon, upgraded its facility to save energy by recovering more waste heat energy in Boiler House 2. A design to recover process waste heat using an existing builder fed water heat recovery flow loop was selected for this project. This new design modified the previous heat exchanger and added some piping to recover and send waste heat to Boiler House 2.

This project resulted in an energy usage reduction of 256,000 MMBTU per year. It also succeeded in a reduction of 14,978 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from the annual combustion of 1.6 million gallons of gasoline.

SABIC in Mt. Vernon also developed a new material for cleaning equipment in their manufacturing plants and now saves 243 kWh of electricity everyday. Average household used 27 kWh of electricity everyday.