Local recycling efforts

# 1  John H. Castle Elementary School

John H. Castle Elementary School has been promoting the recycling of plastic bottles, metals & papers. They also actively recycle cans and cardboard boxes from the kitchen. Thank you Castle Elementary School for creating opportunities for the children to become agents of positive change in our community!



# 1  Chandler Elementary School

Chandler Elementary School has many recycling programs to help our community and protect the environment.

Each classroom has a paper recycling bin, and the children are responsible for emptying the bin.They collect papers and print again on the other side to reduce paper waste.

They also collect and donate bottle caps for parks to have benches and participate in Crayola ColorCycle to recycle their markers. When I visited, they had a table for musical instruments made by children with recycled materials! There were many unique and creative instruments!

Thank you Chandler Elementary School for making a positive impact for children and our community!