How much gasoline and money can a hybrid vehicle save?

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Grade level: 5th grade

Skills: Multiplication and Division

Related environmental issues: Energy


Highlander Manufacturing in Princeton, Indiana

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant in Princeton, Indiana, manufactures Highlander Hybrid. By using an electric motor, the Highlander Hybrid depends less on gasoline and emits 90% fewer exhaust gas than the average gasoline powered vehicle.

The 2020 model of Highlander Hybrid can run 36 miles on a gallon of gasoline.  Hailey’s family plans a trip to the Yellowstone National Park and the distance to and from the park is 540 miles.

  1. How many gallons of gasoline will Hailey’s family use for the trip? 
  2. Brent’s family next door has a 2016 gasoline Highlander that runs 20 miles on a gallon of gasoline and will join the trip. How many gallons of gasoline will Brent’s family use for the trip?
  3. How many more or less gallons of gasoline will Hailey’s family use than Brent’s family?
  4. The price of gasoline is $2. How much more or less will Hailey’s family spend for gasoline than Brent’s family?

2020 Highlander Hybrid


Answer Key

  1. 15 gallons    (540÷ 36 = 15)
  2. 27 gallons    (540 ÷ 20 = 27)
  3. 12 gallons less (27 – 15 = 12)
  4. $ 24 (12 x 2 = 24)

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