Haubstadt Community School Wind Turbine Project

In 2008-2009, Mrs. Donya Bengert’s 3rd grade class was studying renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. The students had an idea to purchase and install a wind turbine at Haubstadt School in Gibson County. The intent of their project was not only to generate electricity for the school, but also to raise awareness within the school and community about alternative energy sources.

The class took their idea to the Superintendent and the School Board for approval. They designed and gave a presentation to the South Gibson School Board in January 2009. The class worked hard, raising money by holding a school-wide student campaign and asking for donations from local businesses. They received a $10,000 grant from Toyota Motors Manufacturing, $1,500 from Alcoa, and an additional $12,500 from the Indiana Office of Energy Development.

In May, 2010 the wind turbine was installed and is currently fully operational. It has a monitoring system linked to the classroom so that students can track wind speed and energy generated on a daily basis. The turbine and its monitoring system are used to teach math, social studies and science topics.